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"Yvonne did amazing with my prenatal care, at our home birth and postpartum visits. I hope to have her catch all of my babies. During my prenatal care she was happily willing to answer all of my questions about anything at all and if I asked her about something controversial, like circumcision or vaccines, she would suggest books for me to read so that I could make an informed decision on my own, rather then telling me what her opinion was. I found that to be refreshing in comparison with a doctor.

At my birth she did an amazing job. At about half way through my labor I kept saying I couldn't do it and she told me that I could and that I was powerful. Having her say that to me helped me get through a lot of the hard contractions. Every step of the way if there was something she needed to do or check she would tell me what she was about to do, why and what it would probably feel like. If it was something that might hurt but didn't have to be done right away Yvonne waited until I was ready before she did it. I never once felt rushed or like I was a burden to her. She was very supportive through out the process. When I did have a small complication she acted very quickly and effectively.

As far as postpartum care Yvonne stayed several hours after my baby was born to make sure we were able to start breastfeeding properly and to make sure we were comfortable. She called me the next day to check on me and my baby. If I needed anything at all I could call or text her and she would help me with my issue even months after my son way born. Over all I think Yvonne did an amazing job. She will always be very special to my family."  -Megan J,






"When I envisioned my ideal birth, I knew I wanted Yvonne present as we had become friends in the birth world, but I had no idea how intimate my pregnancy would bring us and how deeply invested she would become in my wellbeing. I planned for a VBAC homebirth (vaginal birth after c-section), and Yvonne was always a reassuring voice in my ear, gently encouraging me at each prenatal visit, offering wonderful tips and support the whole way.

I was initially carrying many fears surrounding my birth and I always felt like I could share them with Yvonne without being judged. She never rushed my calls or visits, and would often check on me without prompting. She always went "above and beyond".


During my birth, I knew I wanted my midwife to be present with a watchful eye, but not too hands on as I felt very protective of the birthing space for my VBAC. She respected all of my birth wishes and I felt deeply connected to her that day, like sisters. As her hand touched my leg while I was contracting in the bathroom, shaken at first, and moaning a bit - her touch brought me back down to earth, as all of her grounding gestures did. Even when she didn't say a word or lend a hand, I knew she was there, trusting in me completely to do my body's work. I am so grateful to Yvonne for being such an empowering part of my VBAC at home. You can read my birth story here." -Taryn G.





"After having 2 cesarean sections, and 2 hospital vbac's I wanted a homebirth, but did not pursue it until close to 30 weeks and didn't think it would be possible. I am very thankful that Yvonne was willing to take me on as a client with having 2 prior cesareans and it being late in my pregnancy. My husband wasn't fully comfortable with a homebirth but after meeting with Yvonne he was more comfortable with it and the day after delivery he told me he felt we made a good choice and that Yvonne was the perfect addition to our birth team. I couldn't imagine a better birth experience. She was exactly what I needed, I envisioned a very hands off birth, however during labor I needed touch and a more hands on birth than I expected.  She knew my wishes but when it wasn't the birth I needed she was there and amazing

support. One of my favorite moments in labor was laboring in the birth pool and leaning my head on her shoulder because I didn't feel the edge of the pool was supportive enough. Thank you so much Yvonne for all of your support during pregnancy (including the wonderful recipes), labor/birth and postpartum!!"  - Amy A.





I am so grateful for Yvonne! We knew she would be our midwife the day we met her. We felt very compatible with her philosophy on prenatal care and birth. She is so knowledgeable about pregnancy and birth.  Her advice helped me maintain a healthy pregnancy to ensure a safe home delivery.  She provided recipes and recommendations on staying fit and healthy. Her knowledge and focus on nutrition guided me to choose healthier foods for myself and baby.  She always reassured me that my pregnancy was going well. She supported me to make informed decisions and did not pressure me into doing anything that I was not completely comfortable with. 

My husband and I both felt very comfortable with the care Yvonne provided and trusted her whole heartedly.  She suggested that I meditate and envision the birth that I wanted and to write down a birth plan so she could accommodate our ideal birth. When she arrived at my birth, I felt an overwhelming sense of calmness. Her presence was so gentle and kind and it was just the relief I needed during painful contractions and pushing.  I felt like I was ready to birth. She helped me stay calm and focused. She trusted my body to know how to birth. She encouraged, supported, and guided me throughout the process. She assisted my husband with catching our baby.  I was able to have a beautiful home birth of my son, exactly as I had envisioned.  I could not have imagined birthing any other way!!

Yvonne provided extensive postpartum care and continued to follow up and make sure that breastfeeding was established and successful.  She would call or text to check on my son and me.  She was available and always answered my questions or offered suggestions. She helped me so much during my postpartum- more than I expected.  I am forever grateful for her compassion, kindness, and love for midwifery! I would recommend her to anyone interested in a home birth and will definitely call upon her again for our next pregnancy.  She is truly wonderful!


Rananda and Cameron S.





Yvonne was my midwife for baby #3. I had a previous c/s and a hospital VBAC. She came highly recommended to me from friends and my doula. From the moment we met, I knew Yvonne was someone who trusted women’s bodies to birth babies. She trusted my body more than I did! She spent a lot of time with me during my prenatal visits discussing my fears surrounding birth and helping me overcome them. She made sure my lifestyle and diet was healthy to ensure a successful home birth and healthy baby. Yvonne is great about providing evidence based care. She presented facts to me and let us make the ultimate decisions. Yvonne really wanted me to have the home birth I desired as long as the circumstances remained safe for my baby and me. She’s very knowledgeable and is always learning more and more for her clients. Initially, I knew very little about the details/logistics of home birth, and she held my hand every step of the way. Yvonne loves midwifery, and it shows in the care she provides. I also really felt like she cared for me, as a person and a mom. She’s very easy to get along with and she really went above and beyond with the personal care she gave me. She came to my house several times in the end to help do things to gently get my body into labor. We had numerous phone conversations in the end as well. She always reassured me. During labor, she braved an ice storm to get to my house. I was in labor for 36+ hours and Yvonne was there for the whole thing. She slept in my living room! Honestly, I think a lot of care providers would have thrown in the towel during my long labor, but she stayed by my side and continued to encourage me because my baby and I were both healthy throughout. I recommend Yvonne to anyone who will listen. In her care, I was able to have the birth experience I have always wanted. Thank you Yvonne! Words will never be able to express the love and appreciation Philip and I have for you



Tavia R.




There are no words in this language to say how absolutely wonderful and amazing Yvonne was during my pregnancy and birth. I knew from the first moment I met her, months before I was even thinking about becoming pregnant, that if I ever did get pregnant again she would have to be there. Prenatal appointments were like meeting a good friend for a chat. She is so calm and well read, always interested in my perspective of my pregnancy experience. She listened so well to all that I had to say. We texted between visits and for every pregnancy complaint she had a completely natural approach to alleviate it. I felt so confident in having her as my provider for my first homebirth (second birth). She knew every detail of what I would change about my first birth, what my concerns were, and my preferences for how things would go. She encouraged me to develop a bond with my baby, learn his wake/sleep patterns. She just radiates light and warmth and views birth as a journey to be experienced, not a medical condition. As my prodromal labor continued and my due date passed, she didn’t doubt the process and was a great shoulder to lean on when I had concerns. The night I was in actual labor she could tell by the tone in my texts that it wasn’t just more prodromal labor. She showed up in perfect timing as I was transitioning from early to active labor. Her presence was what it needed to be at any given time during the labor. She sat back unobtrusively and only stepped in when another calming voice, light touch, or confident word was needed. She followed my preferences exactly and explained/asked permission when things needed to deviate slightly. She also plays an awesome game of tug-of-war and didn’t let me down when I needed her strength. Yvonne IS what I would wish for every pregnant or laboring woman, because she becomes what that woman wants or needs. She took amazing care of my baby and I, even my husband appreciated her and the way she was (and he doesn’t appreciate much, so that is saying something).

One of my main concerns was successfully breastfeeding my son. Knowing that I had a physical abnormality that would seriously complicate that goal, Yvonne helped me do everything to maximize milk production. She kept very close tabs on us those first few weeks to ensure that it was improving and that my baby was healthy and getting what he needed. She did not throw out the traditional things people suggest for low milk supply, she researched, learned a ton, shared, and discussed with me the “out of the box” suggestions on how to continue to improve production. Now, at 4 months postpartum I can say that because of her help and care I am exclusively breastfeeding my son. It is truly a miracle. - 


Katherine L.




I had the privilege of having Yvonne attend all three of my births. My first birth was a hospital transfer, and she helped turn it into an absolutely beautiful experience. She was so gentle, calm, and reassuring. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect person to guide me through the birth of my first child. My second and third births were at home, and she was truly everything I needed, when I needed it. She created a quiet, peaceful birth environment - she stood back and stepped in when necessary. My third birth was a bit more challenging, and she used her extensive knowledge of birth to help me navigate it in the best way possible. During my prenatals, she always interested in my questions or concerns, and made me feel loved and cared for. I truly felt that she cared about my babies’ well being as much as I did. I have never met anyone one more passionate about their line of work - midwifery is so much more than a job for her. She is such a beautiful, warm person, and I am so grateful to have had her be my guide and support during my birth experiences.  - Megan M. 

You can view birth pictures here:




We chose Yvonne as our midwife for our first homebirth experience (first child born in a hospital) because we felt that she embodied what we were looking for: someone who believed in the natural process of birth but wasn’t afraid to take action if that process varied too far from normal. 

She is exactly that and more. During my pregnancy she became my teacher, confidant, coach, nutritionist, herbalist, researcher, ally, encourager, and friend. Yvonne helped me break down barriers, knowing when I needed a gentle approach and conversely when I needed someone to inject some firmer pressure. She not only respected me, but worked with me towards my understanding and acceptance of the respect I deserved – not only as a patient, but as a laboring mother in a sacred space.

Yvonne delivered my baby into my husband’s hands. My birth came with variations of normal, including a few things that she had to resolve quickly. However, I can only tell you about these things from hearing my full birth story afterwards. She is calm but decisive, and was able to manage all of my issues without injury to me, my body, or my baby. 

Yvonne kept in close contact with my after delivery to monitor my well-being, but also to check in on my breastfeeding journey. She also helped walk with me as I danced a bit too close to the edge of postpartum depression. I never felt like I had taken up too much of her time. I felt like she legitimately wanted to be there, that she was all-in with ensuring that I was receiving what I needed to, whether it was physical or emotional.

We highly recommend Yvonne in your search for a homebirth midwife. We are forever grateful for her amazing care and cannot envision a future birth for our family without her involvement. 

Erika C.



Yvonne is a very special woman to our family; she attended the births of both our babies.  I spent the majority of my life being terrified of childbirth – and with her encouragement, reassurance, support, and guidance I have now tackled that great fear not once but TWICE.  Yvonne has been instrumental in changing my entire attitude about birth and helping me achieve moments I once truly felt might be impossible.    


We planned a homebirth from the start.  My water broke very early with my first baby; 28 hours later, labor was still taking its sweet time.  We needed to change courses and go to the hospital.  I was heartbroken over the loss of my beautiful, “Plan A” homebirth – but mostly I was petrified of the hospital.  Yvonne handled my disappointment and fear graciously, giving me space to be sad and comforting me that I was still going to have a beautiful birth.  She and the doctor had discussed my situation, and things would be just fine, Yvonne reassured me.


We hadn’t been at the hospital long when a staff member marched in and announced that they needed to do a caesarean – and they needed to do it now.  Absolute shock and horror.  Where was this coming from?  Baby and I weren’t showing any signs of distress!  And SURGERY!?  I cry over needles!  I wish I had a video of Yvonne in that moment.  She shot right out of her seat; she was determined and in control.  In my memory, a superhero cape flew out behind her.  She immediately called the supervising doctor and had the whole matter straightened out right away.  Her knowledge and quick action saved me from unnecessary surgery and expensive medical bills.  Even more importantly, her advocacy helped preserve for me the victorious birth I was capable of – 12 hours later I pushed our son out into the world. 


During my second pregnancy Yvonne helped me put fears of the past behind me and bolster my confidence in my body.  Through her continual education and research, she recommended steps to help me stay on track for the healthy homebirth I still longed for.  When I was 41 weeks pregnant and still not in active labor, she was my rock.  She was strong and optimistic for me when my own anxieties loomed overhead.  She was armed with ideas to keep me positively focused.  And she was always so, so sweet and helpful with my two-year-old during appointments. 


I appreciated Yvonne’s prenatal and labor care so much, because it was exactly that – CARE.  She asked questions, truly listened to us, and answered all our questions.  She never rushed me.  I always left our visits feeling confident and at peace.  She’s available and accessible whenever I have a question or concern.  When decisions needed to be made, she presented the options, the pros and cons, and let us decide.  In the hospital she made sure we understood everything that was happening when the staff didn’t have time to explain themselves.  And when, FINALLY, our (10lb,11oz!) second baby was born AT HOME (I DID IT!!) she stayed for hours afterward, singlehandedly bringing me snacks and cleaning our house. 


Our family owes so much gratitude to Yvonne.  She is a living example of what it means to be a midwife – to truly be “WITH woman” during such a special time of life.  Jamie F.




It is difficult to put into words what my heart feels for Yvonne, she is truly amazing at what she does and it doesn’t take long to see the love and respect that she has for moms and babies. I always looked forward to my prenatal visits; she always made me feel so comfortable. I enjoyed learning new things from her and I appreciated her letting me make educated decisions for my baby and myself. She is so knowledgeable; it is very reassuring and refreshing, especially as a first time mom. During my labor, Yvonne was such a beautiful calming presence. When I reached the point of, “I can’t do this anymore”, she took a moment to talk to me and encourage me; she knew what I needed to hear in order to achieve the birth I wanted. That’s a moment I will always hold precious in my heart. After my son was born, she was very attentive to our wellbeing texting and calling us to make sure we were doing well. Yvonne is wonderful, patient and loving…I will forever be grateful for her.


Michelle G



Homebirth videos only shared with permission from clients

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