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W. Yvonne Silbernagel, LMCPM, MBC

I am a Certified Professional Midwife. I began my journey toward birthwork after the birth of my daughter- almost 27 years ago. I was able to accomplish my goal of natural childbirth by advocating for myself even in a medical environment at a birthing center. My desire to help others grew as I saw that many of my friends were not listened to and heard during their prenatal care and birth and not given informed choice. In 2004, I was invited to attend my first homebirth of my good friend as her support person. It was a beautiful experience to be a part of. 

Based on that experience, I took a step toward woman-centered care by becoming a Doula in 2005 and advocating for women in a hospital setting. That same year, I found out about the Monitrice (now called the Midwife's Assist program) from a close friend, and I decided to advance my studies to that level. I was then able to provide support to women in a home birth setting as well as serving as an assistant to the midwife in the prenatal, birth and postpartum settings. I then progressed to the next stage and became a Senior Midwife, certified by The Oklahoma Midwives Alliance. I went on to achieve my CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) on the national level and also have a NARM Bridge Certificate. I have been working as a midwife since 2009 and love having my own low volume practice since 2012.  I am also a License Midwife in Oklahoma #MID0006 since 2021. The year2022, I do not have any more availability and in 2023, I will only be attending repeat clients.

​I am extremely passionate about informed consent and feel that moms should be in charge of their care. I am there to protect the mother's birthing space...not control it. I have also explored new ways to help mothers in pregnancy, labor and delivery by educating myself in homeopathy, Bach flowers and cells salts. I have a special passion to help VBAC clients, and those that have experienced birth trauma achieve an empowering birth.

I believe that every woman should have the opportunity to have the best birth possible in an environment where she feels empowered and secure. I have currently attended over 400 births. I am currently attending repeat clients only and teaching nutrition that Boosts Fertility, helps control Gestational Diabetes, helps create Flourishing Pregnancies and Thriving Postpartums. 

Education & Experience



Certified Professional Midwife - CPM

Midwifery Bridge Certificate - 2018

Oklahoma Midwifery License - 2021 renewed 2024

Member of the Midwives Society of Oklahoma

Preceptor for North American Registry of Midwives


Monitrice - 2005-2009

Midwife at Community Midwifery Services, 2009-2013

Oklahoma Midwives Alliance Senior Midwife
Certified as a Doula 2006 (not current)

Preceptor for the Midwives College of Utah


Other Education

Neonatal Resuscitation and Healthcare CPR, 2024 this is kept current every 2 years since 2005

Blood Borne Pathogen Certificate, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

Pharmacology for Midwives, 2021, 2024

Pelvic Floor & Indigenous Health, 2023

Breastfeeding and Oral restrictions, 2023

Management of Early Pregnancy Loss, 2023

Herbs for Postpartum Bleeding and Miscarriage, 2023

Fat Bias and Cesarean Birth, 2023

Nutritional Management of Gestational Diabetes, 2023

Midwives and the First 1000 Days, 2023

Breech Without Borders, Hands On, 2021

Reteach the Breech -The Breech in Practice, 2021

Reteach the Breech - Understanding Breech Presentations, 2021

Transfer Tools for Midwives, EMS, and Hospital Providers, 2020

Pelvic Floor Class, 2020

Infusing Equity and Diversity into Clinical Training, 2020

Equity in Midwifery Education: Stereotype Threat, 2020

Building Healthier Birth Outcomes:  A Birth Workers Conference, 2019

GBS and the Microbiome, 2019

Breech Workshop - Breech Without Borders with Dr. Freeze and Dr. Hayes - 2019

2018 OPQIC Pre Summit: Racial Disparities and Health Disparities in Maternal and Infant Health: Let’s Start the Conversation

Preceptor Training, 2018

Reproductive Life Planning, 2018

Mercy in Action - Expect the Unexpected, April 2018

Infant Microbiome & Epigenetics Microbirth Online Course 2018

IV Training course MCU, 2017

Risk Assessment for Homebirth, 2017

GBS -Testing, Treatments and other Considerations, 2017

The Benefits of Acupuncture...Beyond Induction, 2017

What Midwives Need to Know about the Early Detection of Ties, Dr. Coleman, 2017

Gestational Hypertension vs Preeclampsia, 2017

Updated Postpartum Hemorrhage Protocols, 2017

A Mother's Eye View of Breastfeeding Help, 2017

Hyperemesis Gravidarum, 2017

VBAC: When Things Do Not Go As Planned

Oklahoma State Department of Health Hearing 2015 and Pulse Ox Training, 2016

Evidenced-Based Midwifery Practice MOOC, 2015

Effective Communication Tools for Healthcare Professionals, 2015

Understanding Lab Values - Preclampsia, 2015

Acupressure for Labor and Postpartum, 2014

B.E.S.T. Birth Emergency Skills Training, 2013

Continuing education class on Preeclampsia, 2013

Continuing education class on dealing with Shoulder Dystocia, 2013 and 2014

Breastfeeding Support Class, 2013

Spinning Babies, 2012 and 2014

Gena Kirby's Rebozo Class, 2012
Essential Oils Class
Breech Workshop Austin, TX 2012
Making Breastfeeding Easier, 2012
Breastfeeding Multiples, 2012
WIC Breastfeeding Symposium , 2006 , 2009 and 2014
Bio-identical Hormones, 2010

Hands on Midwifery Skills Training, 2007

Norms for the Breastfed Baby, 2007

Postpartum Depression, 2006

OMA Monitrice, 2006
P.R.I.D.E. - Parent Responding to Infant Death Experience, 2005

Doula 2005

Proud Member Of:

Midwives Society of Oklahoma 

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