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Nutrition Guide...Fertility, Prenatal and Postpartum


Fertility Nutrition Guide

Prepare your Body for Pregnancy

Individual virtual class only $45 or just $25 when added to the Prenatal Nutrition Guide class.


Prenatal Nutrition Guide

Personalized Individual

Virtual Class

Learn about keeping your pregnancy as healthy and low risk as possible and why the first 1000 days of  your child's life is so vital.

Personalized Individual Virtual Class  $45

Personalized Gestational Diabetes Nutrition classes. $45

Prenatal Nutrition Class with 2 followup phone calls

Group pricing available

Add the Prenatal or Postpartum Nutrition for just $25 more


Postpartum Nutrition Guide

Postpartum Nutrition is vital when breastfeeding or formula feeding

Individual virtual class $45 or just $25 when added to the Prenatal Nutrition Guide class.

Please schedule class by calling/texting 405-317-3704

Class Bundles available

Virtual Classes $45

All Fertility, Gestational Diabetes, Pregnancy Nutrition and Postpartum classes scheduled separately at a time at a time convenient to you

(payment via Zelle, Cashapp, Cash or CC (with $5 fee at the time of class)

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